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If you are considering bathroom remodeling, there are a handful of myths you should know about. Many of these myths are not shared purposefully but have circulated their way around homeowners. The last thing you want is to make the wrong decision about your bathroom remodeling project. After all, your bathroom should be an oasis you escape to after a long week.

Here at Prime Remodeling, we believe you should be informed as much as possible about bathroom remodels. That is why we have listed four different bathroom remodeling projects and debunk each. Here is what you need to know!

Myth 1: You Have to Choose the Very Best Features.

Your bathroom is a great place to unwind, relax, and shed the stress from your daily life. Your current bathroom may be cluttered or outdated, which keeps you from enjoying it. However, you do not need to choose the very best products and materials to install into your bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling is already a hefty investment. Choosing more luxurious products like a special tub or toilet can significantly raise the price. Many times, a simple or basic upgrade can do wonders for your in-home oasis.

Myth 2: The Look and Beauty of the Bathroom are the Most Important.

bathroom remodeling plumbing

There is a lot that goes into a bathroom. The style, look, or beauty of your bathroom does play a major role in it, making you feel relaxed. However, there are a lot of interworkings of your bathroom that also must be considered. In some cases, they are even more important.

These features include plumbing and ventilation. Poor plumbing can cause serious issues if it isn’t looked over. You could experience serious clogs or even water damage if the plumbing is too old. Ventilation helps your bathroom remain safe and healthy. Since your bathroom will often see moisture, proper ventilation will remove the excess and reduce the chance of mold growth.

Myth 3: Tile is the Best Flooring Option.

Tile is a great option for your bathroom and even the rest of the house. But, there are many other great options out there. Of course, you aren’t going to install carpet as it can easily harbor bacteria. Instead of carpet, you can use materials such as marble, granite, glass, concrete, and wood.

These options may not sound as enticing as tile, but we highly recommend seeing what these options have to offer. Tile is not your only option, and it certainly isn’t the best. There are plenty of flooring options you can choose from.

Myth 4: You Can’t Move Anything in a Bathroom Remodeling Project.

bathroom remodeling with new tub

You may have heard that you cannot move your bathtub, sink, or toilet in a bathroom remodeling project. That just simply isn’t true. If you want to remodel your bathroom, then we recommend moving these things. That is if moving them will improve your bathroom.

The price of your bathroom remodeling project may go up in price, but it’s worth it when you are improving your bathroom. It is best to speak with a professional designer in order to learn if moving these applicants will help your bathroom.

Contact a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

If you are looking to avoid these myths and many others, you should hire a professional bathroom remodeling contractor. Prime Remodeling works directly with clients to deliver the bathroom of their dreams. We can assist you in improving your bathroom in more ways than one.

Reach out to our team for an estimate by calling (832) 304-9463. One of our project managers and designers works with you to materialize the vision you have for your bathroom. In addition, you should visit our bathroom remodeling page to learn more about our services.