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Home additions are a great way to add living space to your home. Growing families can take advantage of this remodeling option without having to worry about moving. However, a room addition is not always affordable. Instead, a room conversion may be more appropriate. Converting an existing space in your home can help you save on costs while square footage of living space.

Houses are often built with rooms that are typically used for storage or are rarely entered. Take advantage of these rooms by converting them into a bedroom, bathroom, or another type of living space. Room conversions will help you expand your home’s living spaces while operating on a small budget.

1. Basement

Basement Room Conversion

Texas basements are uncommon due to many being afraid of cracking and flooding. This concern is understandable, especially in Houston. These problems can be a serious issue, but they can be prevented with a properly built basement.

Basements often expand the entire square footage of the ground floor. This means you can almost double your home’s living space with a basement room conversion. Basements are great places to add a new bedroom, den, game room, movie theater, or convert it into a small apartment. All of these options are great ways to expand the square footage of living space in your home. Plus, you can convert it into a room that adds some fun to your home.

2. Attic

Attic Bedroom Room Conversion

Attics are more common than basements, so you may consider converting yours. While not all attics can be converted into a living space, many are capable of becoming additional living spaces for a new family member or a simple reading nook.

The reason some attics can’t be converted is because of their small size or the extra weight. The bottom portion of your home can only support so much weight. To find out about your attic, give Prime Remodeling a call. We can help determine if your attic is capable go under a room conversion.

3. Walk-In Closet

Master Bathroom

What can I convert my walk-in closet into? Those with walk-in closets can use the space to add a master bathroom or a half bath. Many homes suffer from only having one bathroom, which can be difficult with a growing family.

By converting your walk-in closet to a bathroom, you take the stress off the one bathroom and save on costs. You may be wondering what to do with your clothing. Well, dressers are a great way to store clothing, or you can keep a portion of the closet as a closet. Either way, a walk-in closet conversion would be a great way to add another bathroom to your home.

4. Garage

garage conversion

Whether attached or detached, converting your garage into a living space is an excellent way to put it to use. Some homeowners do not fully take advantage of their garage. Rather than using it for vehicles, many use it to store boxes or junk they have kept over the years.

A garage conversion will help you make the most out of this space. Bedrooms, man caves, babe caves, game rooms, and movie theaters are just a few great ideas for this space. Your car can stay out on the curb. Save on moving costs by converting the room into a proper bedroom or another type of living space.

More Room Conversions from Professionals

To make the most out of your home, use as much of the space as possible. The room conversion ideas we have listed above should be able to help you get started. For more information on room conversions, give Prime Remodeling a call at (832) 304-9463 or visit our contact us. You may also visit our structural additions page for more details on how we can help you.