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Room additions are meant to expand living space and give your home a better layout than its previous. Many homeowners wish they had more space or want to add an additional room to their home. Adding a new room can meet those goals in a few different ways.

There are four routes you can take when it comes to room additions. The type of room addition you perform will vary on your budget and your home. Each room addition is different from the last, so it is important you consult a professional and experienced contractor like Prime Remodeling.

Our team can help you follow any of the following routes. All you have to do is give us a call today.

1. Garage Conversion

One type of room addition homeowners pursue is turning their garage door into a living space or bedroom. This is typically only done for those with attached garages and doesn’t have a use for the garage as is.

Turning your garage into a room will save you money. There are already established walls, excluding the door, and space to add insulation and outlets.

Depending on the garage, you may already have insulation, proper walls, outlets, and more. Prime Remodeling can assist you in turning the garage into the right type of room you want.

garage conversion room additions

2. Room Expansion

Room additions do not necessarily have to be a complete addition. Instead, they could be an extension of a space such as a bedroom, kitchen, or living room. Expanding a room by a few feet can significantly increase the efficiency and comfort of a room.

Room expansions are great options for those who have a strict budget or for those who don’t want to expand by too much. By expanding a small amount, you can greatly improve the look and comfort of your home.

A house bump out is a common room expansion many homeowners turn to. A bump-out usually only adds a few more square feet but makes space seem larger. You’ll spend a lot less and increase the space, so it’s a win-win.

3. Standard Room Additions

If you really want to add a completely new room to your home, you can certainly do that with standard room additions. These are the most common room additions because they make a major impact on your home. That said, they are the most expensive option.

Those wanting to perform a complete room addition will often want to add a bedroom or bathroom to their home. This is the case for families that continue to grow and need more space. Having only one bedroom can be difficult for many.

living room additions

4. Sunroom

Maybe the room addition you need is not a bathroom or bedroom but a sunroom. Sunrooms are excellent options for homeowners looking to expand living spaces without breaking the bank. Sunrooms do cost less than standard room additions.

You don’t have to spend money on insulation and running electricity through the room. Of course, your sunroom could have these features, but costs go up. Sunrooms are also great when you want to feel closer to the outdoors without actually being there.

Which of These Room Additions are Right for You?

Which of the aforementioned room additions are right for you? Are you not sure? Contact Prime Remodeling today by calling (832) 304-9463. Our contractors can talk to you about costs, materials, design, and more. They work diligently to complete the job on time, correctly, and to ensure it meets your expectations.

Learn more about our room addition services by visiting its respective page. There, you learn more about our company and what structural changes we can make to the home.