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Renovating your bathroom requires sorting out a lot of details, such as the materials you’ll use, the layout, and appliances installed. One of the most essential and most used appliances in your home is the toilet. On average, toilets cost around $500, according to HomeAdvisor. However, certain types of toilets can be as low as $90 or as high as $1500.

With such a large range of prices, it is important you make the most out of your investment. Your toilet should be comfortable, efficient, durable, and match your bathroom’s style. Choosing among the right types of toilets will help you achieve that goal. The types of toilets we have listed below are the most common you’ll run into during your search.

1. Two-Piece Toilet

Two-Piece Types of Toilets

The two-piece toilet is the most common type of toilet in the United States. The tank and toilet are created separately and are later attached during the installation process or sometime before. Out of all the types of toilets, the two-piece is one of the most inexpensive. If repairs are ever needed, those are also cheap than other options.

Self-installation for two-piece toilets is often more difficult since they are heavier than other toilets. The cleaning process is relatively easy but not the easiest compared to the one-piece toilet. For adults, the two-piece toilet is the best option because it usually sits higher. For those looking for a lower sitting toilet, the one-piece is a better alternative.

2. One-Piece Toilet

One-Piece Types of Toilets

The one-piece toilet offers similar features as the two-piece; it also has its own benefits and drawbacks. If you choose a one-piece toilet, you’ll have an easier time cleaning it and installing it on your own. Both toilets use the same parts and use the same amount of water. That said, you don’t have to worry about the amount of water it will use.

One of the greats advantages a one-piece toilet has is its durability. These types of toiles are more durable than their two-piece counterpart. Even though they are more expensive, you can expect them to last longer. Smaller bathrooms will make the most out of this toilet because it takes up less space and sits closer to the floor.

3. Wall-Hung Toilet

Wall-Hung Types of Toilets

Smaller bathrooms or modern-style bathrooms can take advantage of the wall-hung toilet. This type of toilet is directly attached to the wall with the tank embedded within. All you see is the bowl when it comes to the wall-hung toilet. With such a design, professionals are required to install and perform repairs, which is something to consider. Wall-hung toilets are one of the most expensive types of toilets on this list, so be wary of your budget.

4. Smart Toilet

Smart Types of Toilets

Smart toilets are the latest types of toilets with integrated technologies that enhance the experience. These toilets feature technologies designed to save on water efficiency and improve your comfort. While the most expensive toilet type, they are some of the most unique and advanced.

Smart toilets can have features such as heated seats, bidets, speakers, motion-activated lids, and more. These features add luxury and convenience to your bathroom. If you want to turn your bathroom into a spa, this is a toilet that will take it several steps closer.

Types of Toilets for Your Bathroom

As you can see, there are many types of toilets you can choose from. If you need help with your bathroom remodeling project, call our professional contractors. Prime Remodeling can help you complete your project, so it exceeds your expectations. Give us a call at (832) 304-9463, or visit our contact us page to fill out the form. You may also visit our bathroom renovation services to learn more about what we can do for your home.