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If you are looking to remodel your entire bathroom or just part of it, bathroom tiles must be considered. Tile has become the standard with bathrooms because carpet holds too much bacteria, and hardwood flooring is extremely susceptible to water. For these reasons, bathroom tiles have reigned supreme.

When it comes to bathroom tiles, you have numerous options to choose from. We will only cover five in this blog, but you could select from more than ten different bathroom tile types. With such a wide selection, it can be hard to make a decision. Well, we are going to outline the five most common bathroom tiles.

Other factors you must consider when choosing the right bathroom tiles include:

  • budget
  • style of the home or room
  • desired color/texture
  • amount of bathroom use

By thinking of these considerations, you can make the best decision on your bathroom tiles. Now, here are the five most common bathroom tiles you should look into.

1. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are an affordable and versatile bathroom tile type. Made from clay and fired in a hot kiln, ceramic tiles will give you the most customization options than any other type of tile. When choosing ceramic tiles, you will have the choice of the following characteristics:

  • texture
  • color
  • style
  • shape
  • finishes

Each of these things can be customized by you, so they meet your needs and wants. Ceramic also fits almost any type of style since it has all of these different customizable characteristics. It also helps ceramic repels water, but it isn’t impervious. Other great things associated with ceramic tile include durability and easy maintenance. Your bathroom tiles will last longer, and they will be a breeze to care for.

ceramic bathroom tiles

2. Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tiles are the most common types of bathroom tiles. This is due to their lower cost than ceramic tiles and their versatility. However, they will never look at good as real tile such as ceramic or stone. On the other hand, you can expect these tiles to be easy to install. That makes it easier for DIYers, and they are environmentally-friendly.

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl tiles is their durability. Ceramic and stone are more likely to crack or break. Vinyl tiles can withstand more brute force. You may also consider luxury vinyl tile, which offers a greater product that can mimic real masonry textures and styles.

3. Granite Tile

Granite tiles are known for their luxury, beauty, and price. Granite is a type of igneous rock that consists of quartz, mica, and feldspar. The crystalline stone makes a gorgeous option for bathroom tiles. The biggest drawback is the price. Granite and marble stone are some of the most expensive types of bathroom tiles available for homeowners.

It is important to note that you should heavily consider the look of granite before making the decision. Both granite and marble have particular looks you may not be looking for inside of your bathroom. Be sure to consider the beauty of your bathroom before jumping the gun.

granite bathroom tiles

4. Marble Tile

Another type of stone tile you can consider is marble. Marble is a type of metamorphic rock that is made up of carbonate minerals that have recrystallized. The geology field refers to marble and metamorphosed limestone, another type of stone tile you could consider.

Like granite, marble comes with a larger price tag but certainly makes an impression. The beauty of marble outshines all other types of bathroom tiles. Maintenance will be more of a chore as marble is susceptible to scratches and stains.

5. Terracotta Tile

Finally, terracotta tile adds a unique atmosphere to your bathroom. Made from red, earthy clay, this tile will certainly give your bathroom a comfortable feel. Terracotta tile is similar to ceramic tile in many ways. The biggest factor you should know about this tile is that it needs to be sealed about every two years. The sealing process helps protect the tile and will help it last longer.

terracotta bathroom tiles

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