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When it comes to the housing market, there are often plenty of options. You can buy a big home or a small one. You can get a home with four bedrooms or only two. You can purchase an older home or choose one that’s brand new. But despite all these options, sometimes the right home just doesn’t exist…yet. That’s where we come in. The team at Prime Remodeling can help you with custom home construction. 

When building a custom home, you get to choose everything that goes into it: materials, layout, exterior design, etc. That means your home will be completely and totally yours! You won’t have to deal with design elements and layouts a stranger chose that you don’t like at all. You get to love your home because you chose every single detail! Here are five tips when building a new construction home

1. Research Locations

Building a custom home is a big undertaking. It’s not something you want to dive into lightly. Custom homes tend to be more expensive, so keep in mind that you need to love the location and the design to make it worth your while. To find the perfect location, drive around and take note of which areas look clean, are near amenities, and seem to have friendly neighbors nearby. Also, make sure to choose a location that has good access to roadways. That will make commuting, traveling, and shopping easier. 

2. Be Aware of Homeowners Associations

Some neighborhoods have homeowners associations (HOAs). A Homeowners Association is run by members of a neighborhood, and its job is to collect fees, oversee common areas, and enforce rules. Some people enjoy having an HOA. However, some people find it restricting. 

In some cases, HOA members can tell you what color you’re allowed to paint your house, what type of fence you can install, and whether you can go through with a renovation project. If you’re looking for creative freedom and a hands-off community, a neighborhood with an HOA is not right for you. Steer clear! 

3. Choose a Reputable Contractor

You can’t trust just anyone to build your custom home. You’ll need to put a lot of work into vetting contractors, comparing prices, and reading reviews. There are plenty of professional contractors out there, but you won’t know the good from the bad until you do quality control. Don’t be afraid to ask contractors tough questions or request copies of their licensing and insurance documentation. 

A custom home construction in progress

4. Plan Ahead

Most people don’t maintain the same lifestyle or have the same needs forever. When you’re designing your custom home, think ahead. There are only two members of your family at the present, but are you planning to add more soon? Factor that into your room count. Is it your goal to get a hybrid or remote job? Consider adding a home office. Are you planning to exercise more in the future? Add a home gym to your layout. Don’t get stuck in the present when building a custom home, or you’ll quickly outgrow your space! 

5. Don’t Go Overboard With Customization

Remember, you might not live in your custom home forever. Eventually, it might be time to downsize or move across the globe for a fresh start. If you go overboard when customizing your home and make it too eclectic, you might not get a buyer right away, or you’ll receive low offers. While you do have a lot of choices during custom home construction, we do encourage you to consider resale value. Make your home your own, but don’t go too crazy. Design something another family could love as well. 

We Can Build Your Dream Home! 

The team at Prime Remodeling can help you through the custom home construction process. We have both talented designers and experienced contractors that work together to create your dream home. When you choose Prime, you’ll have assistance every step of the way, from obtaining permits to ordering materials. Contact us today and start building your custom home!