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In the living room, you and your loved ones come together to share memories and make new ones. Whether you use this space to host game nights, share vacation photos, or snuggle with a pet while watching a movie, this part of your home can definitely live up to its name. However, you might get bored of the same look you’ve seen in your living room for years or need extra space. The good news is that a living room remodel can definitely be in the cards. That said, we’ll show you seven essential living room remodel tips to take into consideration so you can complete this project successfully. 


1. Know Why You’re Doing This 

Like any remodeling project, the first thing you need to do is think about why you want to do this remodel; a living room remodel is no exception. Are you looking to change how you use this space? Do you want to give your living room a complete makeover due to a change in your tastes? Do you need a living room remodel that’ll be conducive to a growing family? Whatever your reason, ensure you are absolutely certain of it before proceeding with your living room remodel. 


2. Plan Your Budget

Diving headfirst into a living room remodel without a budget plan can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. Planning your budget will let you know what constraints you need to work with so you aren’t breaking the bank to pay for this project. You can approach this step by setting budget rules to follow during the process or by adding up how much money you’ll need for your ideal living room remodel and saving from there. Whichever way you choose, don’t start until you have the necessary funds. 


3. Consider Your Style

Like any remodeling project, a living room remodel is largely about style. Has your sense of style changed over the years? Do you want to maintain the original style of your living room with a different twist? Determine whether or not you will be doing a complete overhaul on the style of your living room, as that will inform any and all further decisions you make regarding space, colors, lights, walls, flooring, windows, furniture, and even the layout of your living room. 


4. Extra Space Or Faux Extra Space?

Do you want to add extra space to your living room, or do you want to give the impression of extra space? When completing your living room remodel, determine ahead of time how you plan to use the space, from furniture arrangements and placements to decorations. You also need to figure out if you want to expand your living room or change it up in a way so that it looks like there’s more space than there really is. 

living room remodel space


5. Lights, And Walls, And Floors, Oh My!

It’s easy to take elements such as lights, walls, and floors for granted as you carry on with your living room remodel. Consider if you want to change up the lighting in your living room. Do you want new or additional fixtures? Are you tired of the same floor you’ve had for years and want something more comfortable? Do you need to spruce up this space with a new color of paint on your walls? Don’t forget these parts when completing your living room remodel. 

living room remodel walls floors lights


6. Reigniting A Spark With Your Fireplace

If you already have a fireplace in your living room, are you thinking about refinishing it? Do you want to repurpose your fireplace for other uses, decorative or otherwise? If you’ve never had a fireplace in your living room, do you think it will make a difference to your lifestyle? This hallmark of every living room also needs attention. 

living room remodel fireplace


7. Work With Expert Remodelers 

While the DIY approach seems fun and compelling, you may reconsider if your remodel involves major changes such as space expansions or refinishing or repurposing a fireplace. Additionally, the last thing you want to do is to begin a living room remodel without understanding how to execute one safely and according to local regulations. For this reason, you will end up with the best results by working with expert remodelers, whether to consult and seek advice or take charge of the whole project. If you live in Houston, then the best expert remodelers can be found at Prime Remodeling, so reach out to us today for a high-quality living room remodel.