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Today, bathrooms aren’t just meant to be functional. While functionality is still a key element in bathrooms, luxury and beauty have now become equally important. People expect this space to reflect style and personality, as well as cater to their needs. 2022 has a whole slew of bathroom design trends to take your bathroom from dull to dazzling. Check out these 8 bathroom design trends and enhance your home! 

1. Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs do not attach to the wall, hence the name. Because they are freestanding fixtures, there is more versatility in their shape. They can be narrow on one end and wide on the other, have clawfeet, sport decorative pedestals, and much more. Depending on the style you choose, you might get Victorian vibes from your tub. These popular features blend well with many bathroom styles, from vintage to modern. 

2. Dual Showerheads 

One showerhead is simply not enough, especially in big families. Now, two children can take a shower at once. Or you and your partner can both clean off for work without having to wait. Dual showerheads are more functional than they are stylish, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be part of a beautiful bathroom design. You just need to work with a professional to bring every element of the space together. 

3. Wet Rooms 

A wet room is exactly what it sounds like. It refers to a space built completely with water-friendly materials. Everything in wet rooms is water-resistant, from the sinks to the floor to the shower. Most wet rooms have a shower, bathtub, and bench enclosed behind glass, giving the space a sauna-like feel. 

4. Outdoorsy Vibes 

More and more people want to bring the outside indoors. That means using natural materials like wood and stone, as well as bringing in some greenery. Placing potted plants in bathrooms is a trendy way to get outdoorsy vibes. You can also install wallpaper with nature-inspired designs, which is another bathroom design trend gaining traction in 2022. 

An outdoorsy bathroom to fit one of the 8 bathroom design trends

5. Smoked Glass

In 2022, a lot of old trends are coming back. One of those trends is 70s-style smoked glass. It is commonly used in shower screens to add a pop of color as well as give more privacy. 

6. Style Blends

Today, it’s easy to find pieces from different eras and blend them to create a new look. You can thrift a vintage top and combine it with a pair of new jeans to create a contemporary outfit. You can purchase antiques that complement your modern kitchen design without making it look completely old-fashioned. And now, you can do style blends in your bathroom as well! Combining something like Victorian-style wallpaper with sleek, modernistic fixtures is one way to do so. A designer can help you choose the perfect bathroom style blend! 

7. Over-the-Top Light Fixtures 

Many people don’t pay attention to the lighting in bathrooms. They go with something basic and simple that functions without complementing the design. In 2022, that’s changing. People are installing over-the-top, luxurious light fixtures with gold, crystal, and other fancier materials to give their bathroom a glow-up. Don’t hesitate to go bold with your lighting choices! 

8. Green Hues 

Green is a soothing color. This color can help you feel like you’ve stepped into a nature retreat if you combine it with some indoor plants or other outdoorsy elements. Green looks great in both tiles and cabinets, and it comes in many pleasing hues. You’re certain to find a shade that speaks to you. 

An Important Note On Trends

It’s fine to get inspiration from trends. Often, there are a lot of great design choices out there, and they get popular for a reason. However, you shouldn’t go with a bathroom design just because it’s trendy. You should choose design elements that make you happy, even if they aren’t “in.” Trends come and go. If you want to enjoy your bathroom design for years to come, make sure to pick elements that make you happy rather than simply conform to popular trends. 

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