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Have you ever been to a hotel with a nice bathroom shower and thought, “I wish my shower could be this nice?”  If you want your shower to be as luxurious as one in a five-star hotel, here are some ideas for your bathroom shower remodel worth considering. These ideas will not only make your shower look more luxurious but will also provide long-term benefits for its functionality. 

1. Install a Built-in Shower Bench

Built-in shower benches not only give your bathroom a classy makeover but also provide countless safety benefits. If you are someone who might struggle with balance when showering, a built-in bench will significantly reduce the risks of falling accidents and injuries. This feature will make your shower bench accessible for all residents and guests and allow you to sit down and relax in safety. You will also have plenty of space for your body wash and hair care products. However, if you would rather use that bench for yourself you can also…

2. Add a Shower Niche 

If you are worried about clutter in your bathroom, a shower niche is a perfect solution for how to store your products. Products will be able to live in one designated area within the bathroom wall and be within your reach at all times without you having to worry about soap slipping from its spot. 

All your products can be easily stored in this shower niche.

3. Get a Rain Showerhead 

If you’re looking for a shower where the water will fall right on you without needing to angle your body to the whims of a standard showerhead, then a rain showerhead will allow you to rinse without bending your neck to get out all the shampoo. This feature will also make your shower feel like a spa. If you are set on replicating a spa experience in your shower, another feature to consider for your remodel is a steam shower, which we discuss below.

4. Convert Into a Steam Shower 

Instead of just changing the temperature to hot, you can have your traditional shower converted into a steam shower. The addition of a steam function to your shower not only enhances your at-home spa experience but also comes with notable health benefits, including but not limited to improved circulation and healthier skin. 

5. Install Ceramic Tile Flooring

Bathrooms tend to produce a lot of moisture in the air, which can lead to issues such as mold and mildew. By upgrading your bathroom shower with ceramic tiling, you can reduce the amount of mold and grime that would typically build up with laminate material. Ceramic tiles are also an inexpensive option for shower flooring and are notable for their longevity

6. Glass Shower Doors 

If you have a walk-in shower, consider replacing your curtains with glass doors. Glass doors will make your shower feel like an extension of the bathroom rather than a secluded corridor. In creating that extension into the rest of the bathroom, you will also get more light into your shower from the rest of the bathroom rather than have it closed off by a curtain. The thickness of the glass used for shower doors also makes them sturdy, and if you choose to go frameless, these glass shower doors will be easy to clean. 

We Are Here to Help! 

When remodeling your bathroom shower, you do not have to use all of these ideas at once. Everyone has a different vision for how they want to improve their shower, so make sure you pick the idea or ideas that speak to what you want and need. If you are looking for a shower-specific bathroom remodel this holiday season, contact us today to learn more!