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Do you want more out of your bathroom? Do you want to improve how it looks, while also making the space safer and more efficient? Well, the best way to make this happen is by remodeling your bathroom. A bathroom remodel will give the layout and overall appearance of your bathroom a drastic improvement. This can be done by replacing and relocating fixtures, changing the lighting, and choosing a new color scheme.

When preparing to give those walls a fresh coat of paint, there are many types of paint to choose from. New paint will ensure your bathroom not only looks fantastic but that you save money in the process. Keep reading this blog to learn more about some of the best paint finishes for bathrooms.

Before You Buy

Before you start looking for the perfect color scheme for your bathroom, you need to take a few things into consideration. First, whatever paint you choose for your bathroom, you need to make sure it is a washable finish that is moisture-resistant.

With all the steam that occupies your bathroom, it makes perfect sense to opt for a moisture-resistant finish. Without this finish, your walls will begin to peel, making your bathroom makeover practically pointless. To ensure your walls remain in optimum condition, check out some of the best paint finishes for bathrooms below.

The 3 Best Paint Finishes For Bathrooms

When choosing the best paint finishes for your bathrooms, it is a given that you choose a glossy finish. Glossy finishes like eggshell and satin are more durable than other finishes. Check out the following finishes to see which one is most suitable for your bathroom.

Satin Finish

A satin finish might be what you’re searching for if you want a medium gloss shine that works well in high-traffic areas. Even though bathrooms aren’t considered high-traffic areas, this finish will fit perfectly because of its durability. This finish also enhances the vibrancy of any color and makes your walls easy to maintain.

However, you can use this finish for much more than just the walls in your bathroom; you can use it on windows, doors, and other parts of your home. Even though satin is pretty durable, it’s not as durable and cleanable as a semi-gloss finish.

Semi-Gloss Finish

One of the most versatile finishes you can ask for is a semi-gloss finish. This finish is fantastic for cabinets, trim, and a lot more in addition to the walls of your bathroom. You will undoubtedly fall in love with this finish because of its sleek appearance and its ability to be easily cleaned. However, this finish does have one drawback: it occasionally shows the roughness of paint strokes, which could be a turn-off for you.

Eggshell Finish

Last but certainly not least, is a highly recommended wall paint called eggshell finish. This beloved finish will give your bathroom a soft yet elegant look. The eggshell finish is also easy to apply and will hide any surface imperfections.

The main problem with this finish is that because it is so soft, it may be susceptible to mildew. Fortunately, you can avoid this by simply buying an eggshell finish that is resistant to mildew. This option will also be easier to clean than a typical eggshell finish.

Best Paint Finishes For Bathrooms

Call Prime Remodeling For Your Bathroom Walls

It may be challenging to decide between the three best paint finishes for bathrooms mentioned above. However, whatever wall paint you choose will surely spruce up your bathroom and give it the appearance and durability it deserves. Give our staff at Prime Remodeling a call once you’ve made your decision. We can give your bathroom the all-out makeover it deserves, beyond simply giving your walls a fresh coat of paint. So don’t hesitate to ask for some assistance, because we are always ready to help.