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As businesses grow and expand, sometimes a space that originally met your needs perfectly suddenly becomes a burden rather than an asset. Your commercial space needs to grow alongside your business to prevent lost productivity and frustration, plus stay in line with building codes. Think you need a commercial remodel? Let us help you decide: 

Signs You Need a Commercial Remodel 

Maybe you’re still unsure if you should undertake a commercial remodeling project. We actually commend hesitance. A commercial renovation is an enormous responsibility. While the end results of renovating are often exciting and rewarding, you shouldn’t call a contractor unless you’re certain you have the time, money, and mental fortitude to get through the remodeling process. 

That being said, sometimes you truly need a remodel. Remodeling isn’t always as much of an option as it is an obligation. Here are four signs you need a commercial remodel: 

Your Layout Isn’t Conducive to Productivity 

Are you and your employees able to function efficiently within your current layout? Or are you bumping into each other at every turn, walking two miles between offices, and doing contortionist acts to squish into cubicles? Be honest with yourself, here. Don’t tell yourself you and your team can function in a space if you can’t. You’ll save yourself time and frustration if you invest in a better layout. 

Your Space is Outdated 

Alright, quit defending yourself: Candlestick telephones are so last century. And is that a gramophone in the corner? 

We’re exaggerating there, but you get the point. An outdated space may seem innocuous. So what if the furniture is from the same era as Eleanor Roosevelt? We’ll tell you: An outdated space isn’t appealing to customers or employees. If you don’t want potential consumers and talent to choose your competitors and their pristine, modernistic offices, make an upgrade. 

You Need to Replace Equipment and Furniture 

Office equipment and furniture should change periodically. Your copier shouldn’t be wheezing and rattling every time you use it. Your couches shouldn’t change color between clients because of a thousand mystery stains. Chances are if you need to replace your equipment and furniture, it’s time to upgrade the whole space (or at least parts of it). 

There is Obvious Deterioration in Your Commercial Space 

Obvious signs of deterioration are unacceptable. You can’t leave paint chipped, door hinges broken, and ceilings crumbled. If normal wear and tear become hideously apparent, you need to call a contractor. 

Costs of a Professional Remodel

Unfortunately, there isn’t a 100% accurate way to estimate commercial remodeling costs without talking to a local professional. Even then, costs may vary throughout the project. Here’s what we can tell you: For new construction, the cost per square foot could fall between $100 and $200. For a remodel, the cost per square foot could fall between $50 and $150. Prices depend on your location, the extent of your remodeling project, and other similar factors. Be sure and talk to your commercial remodeling contractors about your budget before beginning your project. It’s also a good idea to overbudget in case of unexpected costs. 

Commercial remodeling contractors work with their client

Pros and Cons of a Professional Remodel 

After reading those five signs you need a commercial remodel, you might feel convicted. That enormous, oozing green stain in the office kitchenette stands out starker. The size of the cubicles refuses to be ignored anymore. If that’s the case, you’re ready to hear about the pros and cons of commercial remodeling:  


Increased Consumer Appeal

A lot of consumers crave newness. Changing up your business space may kindle fresh enthusiasm in your patrons and attract new customers. Plus, updating the looks of your business could also get your employees excited too. Working in the same place and seeing the same things can sometimes get monotonous. A change of pace is beneficial to everyone once in a while. 

Tax Breaks 

The federal government offers tax breaks for green-friendly businesses. Investing in energy-efficient equipment and renewable energy sources might save you money once tax season comes around. Saving the environment and saving money? That sounds like a satisfying situation all-around. 

Savings on Energy Bills

Energy-efficient appliances and renewable energy sources may reduce your utility bills. The costs may seem daunting at first, but between lower utility costs and tax breaks, you’ll likely find eco-friendly upgrades pay for themselves. 

 Increased Sales Value 

Often remodeling does increase sales value. The more updated and efficient a business space is, the more you can ask for it when you’re ready to sell. Yes, commercial renovations are an investment. Yet smart investments often get you more money in the end, despite initial costs. 


Now for the not-so-fun part of commercial renovations. Those pros we spoke about seemed pretty good, in our opinion. Sadly, we acknowledge negatives exist alongside the positives: 


A commercial remodeling project comes with a certain amount of unpredictability. The length of the remodeling project and the extent of the costs can shift as circumstances change. For instance, the remodeling contractor may find structural integrity problems previously unnoticed, which could tack on additional costs to the project and several more months of building. 

The Need to Close 

It’s not always possible to stay open during a remodeling project. Mixing consumers, contractors, and employees in one space often ends up being chaotic and unproductive, adding extra complication to an already hard job. On the other hand, closing means losing profits and— potentially—employees. Sometimes there are other options between staying on-site and closing, like operating from a temporary location. However, that’s not always possible. 

Relying On Contractors 

Let’s be honest. It’s hard to rely on people you don’t know well. Even if a commercial remodeling contractor seems competent and well-trained, there’s always a chance for deceit or error. That’s why you should always thoroughly vet commercial contracting candidates. Taking a look at their portfolio, reading customer reviews, and interviewing candidates reduces the risk of doing business with an unreliable contractor. 

Let Us Help You With Your Commercial Remodeling Project

Prime Remodeling’s professionals can help you get through a successful commercial remodeling project. We understand the need for transparency before, during, and after the remodeling process, and we’ll navigate the unpredictability of renovating right alongside you. Contact our team today to get started!