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When you think of winter, one of many images to pop into your head might include sitting by a warm fireplace. What does that fireplace look like? Is it a classic red brick fireplace? Are there decorations on the mantel, or does your fireplace just sit there unused and unnoticed? The hearth is the center of the home, and your fireplace should represent that this holiday season. But what if you want to give your fireplace more than just a decorative makeover for the holidays and beyond? You can revitalize your common area with these ideas to remodel your fireplace!

1. Paint the Exterior

Sometimes all you need is a coat of paint. Painting your fireplace can brighten the living room and give it that extra sparkle. If you have a brick fireplace, you can use standard whitewash paint or limewash. While standard whitewash gives your fireplace a sleek, modern look, limewash allows some of the natural brick to shine through if you want to maintain that rustic charm. You can explore the differences between whitewash and limewash to figure out which material will do the best job bringing your dream fireplace to life. 

2. Get a Firescreen

If you do not have one already, a fire screen is a practical way to remodel your fireplace. If you have one already, then you can think about replacing your fire screen. By installing a firescreen, or you are protecting small children and pets from accidental burns. You are also protecting the rest of your home from potential runaway logs. A fire screen also allows you to bask in the warmth of the heat without having to worry about smoke inhalation. Getting a fire screen will make your home truly safe and warm. 

A firescreen keeps your fireplace warm and safe.

3. Convert to a Gas Fireplace

Converting your traditional fireplace into a gas fireplace will bring the rest of your home into the 21st century. Instead of worrying about logs catching fire or keeping that fire alive, a gas fireplace only requires connection to a gas line and not as much maintenance as a traditional wood-burning hearth. 

4. Convert to an Electric Fireplace 

The electric fireplace is another wood-burning alternative. If your home is not connected to gas, then an electric fireplace might be the way to go. Unlike the gas fireplace, the electric fireplace creates little to no mess, meaning it requires even less maintenance. These fireplaces also often come with a remote control that will allow you to customize the coziness of your living room. 

5. Tile Over Your Brick! 

You can also give the brick surrounding an upgrade by tiling over it! First, you will need to create a structure over the brick for the tiles to be directly installed. Afterward, consider the size of your tiles and what kind of tile you want to use. While ceramic tile is most common, you can also consider porcelain and marble for your fireplace surround too. Make sure to pick the material that suits your style and budgetary needs. 

6. Repurpose Your Fireplace

If you have no intention of using your fireplace but want to make use of that space in your home, there are many creative ways to repurpose your fireplace space. There are many creative examples of how fireplaces can be repurposed as bookshelves or to display art. You can even create a space for your pets to reside or install regular shelf space. There are many different repurposes for fireplaces worth exploring, as long as you find the (re)purpose that best suits you and your home. 

We Are Here to Help 

We hope that these suggestions helped inspire your own ideas for your fireplace remodel. Whether you do one or two, or all of the above, the best place to start is with Prime Remodeling. At Prime Remodeling, we can help you think about your budget and how you want to remodel your fireplace, so contact us and get started today!