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When you first buy a new mirror, it shines and shimmers and projects perfect images placed in front of it. Over time, though, it gets smudged and cloudy and may not remain the perfect mirror you bought or had installed. A mirror is perhaps the only object in the house that requires the least maintenance and has great longevity, excluding unforeseen circumstances.

That brings up the question of why mirrors look cloudy or foggy after some time. Is it the gleaming effect or shine that wears off after a while, or is it something more? If this has happened to you or is happening to you, you have no cause to worry, the cloudiness of your mirror is simply caused by one of two things; one could be as a result from the build-up of residue that is natural and two is that there has been some sort of damage to the back of your mirror which means, your mirror needs to be changed.

Some effective methods and products can be used in cleaning mirrors are outlined below;

1. Vinegar and newspaper

To revive your old mirror, pour some white vinegar into a spray bottle, and apply generously to the mirror surface. Ensure the vinegar does not reach the frame or edges of the mirror, especially if it’s wooden. After this, take a piece of newspaper, crumple it up and wipe the surface of the mirror, apply a little pressure to get all the smudges off but not too much pressure, so you don’t break the glass. You should be left with a sparkly mirror once done. Vinegar does have an odor, but it should go away within the hour. You can, however, add lemon juice for a fresh-smelling bathroom.

2. Paint scraper

Sometimes your mirror gets stained with thin paint-like residue. If this is the case, you can easily scrape it off using a paint scraper with a big, flat Stanley knife without breaking or scratching the glass.

3. Shaving cream

Another inexpensive but effective method of cleaning mirrors is by using ordinary shaving cream, nothing like a product that can serve two purposes! Apply some product to a lint-free fabric and use it to wipe the mirror surface. Leave the shaving cream on the surface of the mirror for about a minute or two and then wipe with a microfiber material. Apply a little pressure on the mirror until the cloudy residue is removed and you can repeat the process till all the tougher stains have been removed. This method will leave your glass fog-free for several weeks.

4. Dish soap

You can easily use a light coating of dishwashing liquid to do this trick. Squirt a few droplets of soap on your palm and add water, wipe the soapy hand across the mirror surface and then wipe off with a clean paper towel, just like that, your mirror is fog-free. You can repeat this process every three days.

Due to the damp nature of the bathroom, it is expected that the mirrors get foggy from time to time; this is why you need to regularly maintain and clean your mirrors to avoid tough stains that will be difficult to remove over time.

5. Jewelers’ rouge

Also known as red rouge, this can come in the form of powder, liquid, or paste, and it is used in polishing metallic jewelry. Apply directly on the smudges and keep wiping till you have a sparkly mirror. It can be bought from a local jewelry store, and even though it is time-consuming, it is quite effective.

Some other options are the use of toothpaste, car wax, De-foggers, and even blow dryers. All these are quite effective, but what’s most important is the regular cleaning of the mirrors.

6. Mirror replacement

Note that all mirrors tend to lose their spark and reflectiveness over time. If you have tried everything and your mirror is still foggy, then it’s probably time you considered changing it. There is most likely damage to the backing of the mirror and it could be beyond repair. Investing in a new mirror is the next best solution.

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