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Landscaping assists in the value and beauty of your home. Plants, decorative elements, walkways, and other landscape features are an important part of your home’s look. Without these elements, you can expect a less than beautiful home, and the value will even be lowered. Landscaping goes further than just your front yard. The driveway, side of your home, and the back are also critical areas you need to have in mind.

Here at Prime Remodeling, we assist clients in a number of different projects for their home. Landscaping is just one of our many services we can provide homeowners. With landscaping being a popular service of ours, we have developed a list of our favorite landscape features. These features will help improve the outdoor living space of your home and its value.

1. Flowering Trees

Flowering trees are a thing of beauty on their own. When placed into your front yard or around your home, you can expect them to enhance the beauty and atmosphere of your entire home. Typical flowers, bushes, and standard trees cannot impact your landscaping the same way flowering trees can.

Some of the best flowering trees for your landscape features include Dogwood, Star Magnolia, and Weeping Cherry. These trees will create an emotional and vibrant environment around your home while also increasing its value.

dogwood flowers landscape features

2. Lighting

Outdoor living spaces should be appropriately lit in order to provide the perfect ambiance. Prime Remodeling understands the importance of these essential landscaping features. We also know about the variety of outdoor lighting. Lighting is most popular around walkways, patios, porches, decks, and pools. These areas benefit greatly from the proper lighting because it assists in the comfort of the space.

Patios are one of the perfect places for the right lighting because it’s a place you will presumably spend a good portion of your time at. Outdoor living spaces are capable of extending your indoor living space with a closer connection to the outdoors. Additionally, these areas should be able to be enjoyed at any time of day. So, proper lighting is necessary.

3. Fire Pits or Fireplace

If there is anything that can bring people together, it is a fire pit or fireplace. These landscape features make the perfect centerpiece for outdoor living spaces. You can host some of the most enjoyable and relaxing parties with the right fire pit or fireplace. Both of these landscape features offer various different atmospheres. Fireplaces are much more calming, while fire pits are a great place to cook and enjoy smores. In either case, you can’t go wrong with a fire pit or fireplace.

firepits landscape features

4. Outdoor Seating

You can perfect your outdoor living space and pair your firepit or fireplace with the right outdoor seating. With the right seating, your patio, deck, fire pit, or pool can become so much more comfortable. There are numerous different options you can choose from when it comes to outdoor seating. However, the decision of your outdoor seating should be based on the type of outdoor space. With these considerations, you can create a comfortable space that feels whole.

5. Pergola

Finally, a pergola is a great way you can add some shade and elegance to your home. Pergola’s are different from patio roofs. Patio roofs are connected to the home and have the same roofing as the rest of the building. Pergolas are often disconnected from the home and have open rafters rather than a solid roof.

Pergolas add shade to an outdoor living space while leaving some connection to the outdoors. They are the perfect structures to grow flowering vines or other vine plants on as they can easily wrap through the rafters and even create a natural roof themselves.

pergola landscape features

Prime Remodeling for Landscape Features

As you can see, we have a lot of passion for various types of landscape features. Each of the aforementioned features and many other features can help enhance your home’s quality, increase its beauty, and raise its value. Give Prime Remodeling a call at (832) 304-9463. You can also visit our landscaping projects page to learn more about our capabilities.