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It’s hard not to be paranoid today when you realize how many criminals, scammers, and fraudsters are in the world. Every day, you’re likely assaulted by at least one fake ad on the internet, as well as a phone call from an insurance company claiming that your policy is about to expire. Or maybe you’re getting calls from someone pretending to be a government agent, claiming that you are in big trouble and need to respond immediately

No matter what type of scam you’ve been presented with, it is sure to have made you jaded. You might be afraid to reach out to professionals for services for fear of being tricked out of your money. That’s perfectly understandable, especially if you’re looking for assistance with your home. You wouldn’t let just anyone make structural changes to your house, no matter how “professional” they claim to be unless they can prove their expertise. Thankfully, there are ways to protect yourself from scams and choose a reliable remodeling contractor. Here are five tips for choosing a reliable remodeling contractor: 

1. Choose From a Website, Not an Ad

Have you ever seen those ads that pop up on the first page of Google or Bing? Those are called pay-per-click or PPC ads. Competitors bid on certain keywords like “reliable remodeling contractor,” and whoever wins gets a slot on the first page of search results. Here’s the problem. Anyone can purchase a PPC ad. Search engines don’t verify who is purchasing their ads. That means literally anyone could pose as a reliable remodeling contractor online using a fake website, phone number, and email. 

For this reason, you should always research websites that you located yourself rather than with an ad. When you’re looking at a contractor’s website, keep an eye out for red flags, like grammar and spelling mistakes. If a site doesn’t seem professional, it often means the contractor isn’t either. Find a high-quality website that impresses you. 

2. Interview Multiple Contractors

If you want to find a reliable remodeling contractor, then you can’t pick the first one that sounds good to you. The best way to find the right fit for you is by interviewing multiple contractors. That way, you can compare things like prices and even attitudes. Remember, you’re going to be working alongside this contractor for an extended period of time. If it seems like you are not compatible socially and are likely to argue, find someone else that you feel comfortable with. The last thing you want is friction between you and your contractor. 

A reliable remodeling contractor lays down a kitchen floor.

3. Review Their Past Work

A good contractor has a portfolio ready to show prospective clients. It will contain their favorite remodeling projects, such as luxury bathrooms or room conversions. This is a good chance to see if you are impressed by their work or not. 

What if your contractor doesn’t have a portfolio? Well, that isn’t a good sign. A good contractor always has a portfolio to review. Be wary if a prospective contractor has no photos to show you of their past work. 

4. Ask to See Copies of Their Licensing and Insurance Information

You want to know if the contractor you’re working with is qualified. After all, your home is important to you. You wouldn’t let someone without a license demolish and rebuild parts of it. For your comfort and safety, always ask to see copies of a contractor’s licensing and insurance information. If they seem hesitant to show it to you, be on your guard. This is a perfectly reasonable request, and any expert with nothing to hide should be quick to comply. 

5. Read Reviews and Testimonials

Knowing about others’ experience with a contractor is important. You want to know if other customers were happy with their projects, whether they felt they were treated well, and so on. Thankfully, it’s easy to find reviews and testimonials. Some contractors have them on their websites. If not, then you can check places like Google, Angi, and Yelp. 

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