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Should you perform a kitchen bath remodel? Well, this question is condensed but should read, “should you remodel your kitchen and bathroom at the same time?” Now, this question is not easy to answer, and we cannot provide a concrete answer because it is really up to you.

What we can do is provide you with the benefits and drawbacks of performing them side-by-side. By doing this, you can make an informed decision on whether to have the remodels done at the same time. Whether you have one remodel done at a time or both, you can have Prime Remodeling complete the job.

Benefits of a Kitchen Bath Remodel

There are certainly benefits to a kitchen bath remodel, and they may not be apparent. However, they are certainly there, and we are here to dive into those benefits.

Firstly, the biggest benefit of a kitchen bath remodel is saving time. The average remodel of both varies, but you can expect one to last at least two weeks. Of course, the average amount of time for a kitchen and bathroom remodel individually varies on the extent and the size of the remodel. Above all, you can expect having these remodels done simultaneously will help reduce the amount of time your home is in a construction zone.

kitchen bath remodel tile install

Secondly, a kitchen bath remodel allows you to have both designs compliment each other. This may not be a benefit if you are looking to have two different styles in your bathroom and kitchen. Most homeowners will want the same style throughout their home, which makes a kitchen bath remodel great. You can see these two rooms come together and compliment each other as they are completed alongside one another.

Finally, the last benefit you can expect is saving money on materials. When purchasing materials like flooring or tile, you can typically save by buying in bulk. By using the same type of tile or flooring in your kitchen and bath, you can save money. Some contractors may even charge you less on labor because of less travel.

Drawbacks of a Kitchen Bath Remodel

Of course, nothing is without its drawbacks. When it comes to a kitchen bath remodel, you can expect a couple of drawbacks.

The biggest drawback of simultaneous kitchen bath remodels the cost. Yes, you will save money on materials costs and labor, but both are going to cost a lot at one time rather than the costs being spread across different amounts of time. You can perform smaller remodels for each room, but the costs will still be inflated because they are two different projects.

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The other major drawback is that two of the rooms in your home will be under construction. This means you will be without a bathroom and kitchen for a few weeks. You could stay in your home during the construction, but you’ll need a second bathroom and ways to eat food. You may choose takeout, but that also adds up after a long time.

Another option is staying with a loved one or friend, which is also a hassle. Either option is not ideal, but it must be considered when considering a simultaneous remodel.

A Simultaneous Kitchen Bath Remodel

A kitchen bath remodel may be right for your home, or it may not. You can talk to Prime Remodeling to learn more about the process and price. We can provide you with an accurate quote for both projects. Give us a call today at (832) 304-9463. Let our team help you with your bathroom remodel, or kitchen remodel, regardless of whether it’s at the same time or at different times.