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Running out of space? We’ll give you that expansion

From the idea to its actualization, Prime Remodeling will give you the expansion of your choice. Adding more space to your home gives it more value and makes the living space more enjoyable; however, it should be done by experts that understand building, construction, and renovation. Prime Remodeling has a team of experts with great creativity that will add the needed touch to your home. We handle structural additions such as room additions, floor additions, sunrooms, and so on.

1. Room Additions

Adding an extra room gives great value to your home. When adding a structure to an already developed building, you need to hire professionals with experience and that is what we offer at Prime Remodeling. We are organized and detailed in all renovation, remodeling, and construction projects. We have control over the quality of work done and excellent flexibility, thanks to our in-house additions’ team.

Our plans are cost-effective, durable, and visually pleasing. You will be well-informed of everything going on even to the smallest details and changes, should there be any. Our team will effortlessly incorporate another room into the existing structure and be sure it fits in with the style and aesthetics. We will select the best materials, lighting, floors, and fittings for you, making your entire structure an excellent investment.

2. Second-floor Additions

If you need a lot of extra space, then you should consider adding another floor to your structure. Adding an additional floor (such as a second floor to your existing one-floor building) is always more reasonable than building another structure. Besides, it will save you more money while increasing the potential value of your home. A second-floor addition built by Prime Remodeling will save you the cost of acquiring more land space, enhance the interior design and add great features such as open windows, beautifully designed stairs, and lovely alterations of your home exteriors.

Prime Remodeling will design and build a lovely second-floor addition from start to finish. We will work with you to keep you up to date on every detail and also ensure to work within budget and deliver on time. We pride ourselves on delivering quality work with the best materials, and that is what you will get with our remodeling and renovation projects.

Are you planning on adding a sunroom, a garage, or a patio to your home? We will deliver exquisite structures that will suit your taste and stay within your budget. We are the experts at renovations and building projects, and we will ensure you are fully satisfied with our results.

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