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Full Home Remodeling In Houston, Texas 

Do you feel a regular remodeling project doesn’t fit the scope of your needs? It might be time to start from scratch. Our professionals offer full home remodeling services. That means you keep your property and location but with a completely different structure. We’ll demolish your old house and rebuild it to your exact specifications. This is a great option for those who are in the market for a new house but want to stay in the same area, especially during times when the cost of buying a home is high.

What Are the Benefits Of Full Home Remodeling?

The biggest benefit of full home remodeling is the amount of customization and versatility available to the homeowner throughout the process. When you purchase an existing structure, you can adjust things like paint color, furniture, and decorations, but there will be parts of your house that you can’t easily change. For instance, the layouts of your kitchen and bathrooms are hard to change without extensive renovations. But you’re starting from the beginning with a full home remodeling, which means you can design everything exactly how you want.

Couldn’t I Just Move?

Yes, moving is always an option if you’re tired of the house you’re currently living in. That being said, moving isn’t always a better option than a full remodel. You should work with a contractor to estimate the costs of a full remodel, then compare it to the prices of housing in your area. However, that depends on if you want to stay in the same area or not. If you want a new house but want to move to a different state or city, you could consider custom home construction or purchase an existing structure. 

Our Contractors Offer Comprehensive Home Remodeling Services! 

You can trust the team at Prime Remodeling with your full home remodeling project. Our contractors and designers have more than twenty years of combined experience. We’ll help you through every part of the home remodeling process, helping you obtain the right permits, choose functional layouts, and work within your budget. A project of this scope may seem overwhelming, but not for us. We’ll answer all of your questions and ensure everything gets completed efficiently and well.

Give Us a Call Today!

If you’re considering a full home remodeling project, don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from taking this big step. Our team here at Prime Remodeling understands that for homeowners, starting from the beginning may feel daunting. That’s why we offer free estimates, so you don’t have to wonder whether you’re able to go through the full home remodeling process. You have nothing to lose by reaching out today. So what are you waiting for? Give our team at Prime Remodeling a call! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Home Remodeling Cost?

Great question! The cost of full home remodeling depends on the size of your home, the quality of materials you choose, and what features you want the new structure to have. Because each project varies so much, we can’t give you an accurate price range without getting more information from you first. However, we’d be happy to offer you a free quote if you reach out to us!

How Long Does Full Home Remodeling Take?

You can expect a full home remodeling project to take between 7 and fifteen months, depending on the size of the house and if everything goes as planned. 

Are You Qualified To Work On My Home?

Yes, Prime Remodeling is a licensed and insured business. We have all the necessary qualifications and expertise to complete a full home remodeling project.

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