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Your backyard is your immediate source of fresh air that also happens to complement the rest of your home. Many things can be included there, such as a garden, a water feature, or even a small outdoor kitchen. In response to the last one, you might be thinking, “Why would I want another kitchen outside? Isn’t that redundant? My single indoor kitchen is plenty.” While this thought is understandable, there are actually many benefits to reap from installing a small outdoor kitchen. After taking a look at the benefits, you’ll have the opportunity to explore four of the best small outdoor kitchen ideas. 


4 Benefits Of Small Outdoor Kitchens 

Plenty of small outdoor kitchen ideas are worth considering, but before looking at them, it’s important to know the benefits of having this feature in your backyard. Here are just four of the benefits that come with having a small outdoor kitchen. 

small outdoor kitchen ideas benefits


1. Save Money 

Your energy bill is higher during the summer whenever you use your indoor kitchen due to the extra heat causing your air conditioning to work overtime. With a small outdoor kitchen, you don’t need to worry about overworking your cooling system, allowing you to reduce your energy bill in the summer. Outside of summer, you can also take advantage of this feature to save money on ordering in or going out to eat by firing up the grill. 


2. Fresh Air

Taking time to cook something in your small outdoor kitchen is a great way to get fresh air and keep certain cooking smells from overwhelming the inside of your home. If you have a family or love hosting friends, this can be a great way for everyone to come together and enjoy the great outdoors. 


3. Increased Home Value

Adding features such as a small outdoor kitchen in your backyard can easily increase the market value of your home. This will be helpful whenever you decide to put your house on the market, as there are quite a few people who consider an outdoor kitchen to be an amazing perk.


4. Entertain Guests

If you want to change up the scenery from the usual dining room and living room, an outdoor kitchen can provide that. If the weather is very nice, you’ll be able to take advantage of this extra space to entertain your guests and keep the good vibes alive in your social circle. An outdoor kitchen can be perfect if you want to avoid the monotony of utilizing the same spaces in your home to entertain guests. 


 4 Best Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas 

Hopefully, the benefits of small outdoor kitchens have provided satisfactory answers to your initial thoughts on the purpose of this backyard feature. Now you’re ready to check out four of the best small outdoor kitchen ideas. 


1. Include A Bar With Seating

The first of today’s small outdoor kitchen ideas is to include an outdoor bar area with seating. This bar can be a separate structure from the outdoor kitchen or an extension of the countertop area. It’s also a great way to allow you, your loved ones, and your guests to socialize while enjoying the fresh air and a delicious meal. 


2. Tile Or Stone

When it comes to small outdoor kitchen ideas that might bring something unique, consider tile or stone for your grill, bar, or even countertops and cabinetry. You can use these materials in addition to or in lieu of concrete to give your outdoor kitchen some character. There are many different kinds of stone and tile to choose from to bring this flair to your outdoor kitchen. 


3. Keep It Close To Your Home 

If you want to save on appliance costs and keep your outdoor kitchen in a convenient location, plan to build it as close to your home as possible. It’ll be much easier to manage this space if it’s closer to your property than if it were its own remote space in your backyard. 


4. Grill And Pizza Oven 

Last but definitely not least, of today’s small outdoor kitchen ideas, think of adding another piece in addition to the grill. No outdoor kitchen, big or small, is complete without a grill, but you can make this part of your backyard even more unique by including a wood pizza oven. When the weather is good, and you have time to spare, you and your loved ones can grill burgers and make homemade pizza, adding to your outdoor fun. 


Bring Your Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas To Life With Prime Remodeling!

We hope these small outdoor kitchen ideas have inspired you to spruce up your backyard. If you find yourself thinking about adding a small outdoor kitchen to your home, you’ll need to hire the best remodelers for the job. If you live in Houston, you can get the best service with Prime Remodeling. Contact us today, and we will bring your small outdoor kitchen ideas to life!