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Do you wish your backyard had something extra to give it some character? Are you struggling to find inspiration for what that much-needed addition to your landscape could be? If your answer to either question is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Most backyards tend to add style to the landscape with a water feature. If you’re wondering what kind of water feature is best suited for your landscape, check out these four creative backyard water feature ideas. Hopefully, one or more of these will inspire your vision for your new and improved backyard. 

1. Fountain

One of the many backyard water feature ideas that can work with any style is a fountain. When you think of fountains, you probably think of a large and elaborate structure with statues in it and other intricate patterns. The good news is that you don’t need to turn your backyard into the Trevi Fountain to bring this feature into your home’s landscape. 

Fountains come in many sizes and styles. You can get a small but classy bubbler fountain for a modern look. A three-tiered traditional fountain is also an option, as well as a classic wall-mounted fountain. With fountains, the creative possibilities are endless. 

backyard water feature ideas

2. Birdbath

If you want a backyard water feature that serves a functional purpose and beautifies your landscape, then a birdbath is another versatile option. This water feature continues to be in style over one hundred years after it became commercially available in the United Kingdom. Like fountains, birdbaths also come in many different styles. You can easily find a birdbath to match your home exterior design. You can also find a birdbath with the optimal design to draw birds into your backyard. Just make sure you have your birdbath cleaned and refreshed from time to time. 

backyard water feature ideas

3. Backyard Pond

One of the more ambitious backyard water feature ideas is to create a pond in your backyard. A pond in your backyard can be created by hiring the right landscaper with the necessary experience. Make sure you know what you want your backyard pond to look like, where you want it to be, and how you want to decorate it. 

This feature will require maintenance so that it functions properly and has clean water. If you have lots of time and resources at your disposal, you can go the extra mile and turn it into a koi pond. If you want to create a tranquil atmosphere in your backyard where you can decompress at the end of the day, a pond will be the perfect provider of peace. 

backyard water feature ideas

4. Swimming Pool

A home swimming pool is one of the most popular backyard water feature ideas. If you love going for a dip in the summer, or you have kids who enjoy a good pool party, consider installing a swimming pool in your backyard. You can also hire a landscaper to design your pool as you see fit. 

In addition to being the go-to place for family fun in the sun, your home value will also increase with the inclusion of a swimming pool. If you think a swimming pool is what your backyard needs, ensure that there’s room in your budget or make a budget plan. Along with installation, you’ll also need to consider the overall maintenance costs. 

backyard water feature ideas

Choose Prime Remodeling For Your Backyard Design!

Hopefully, these four creative backyard water feature ideas have inspired your vision for a better backyard. Your backyard should be a place to relax and have fun while you take in the fresh air and days of wonderful weather. Contact us today at Prime Remodeling so that you can enhance your backyard’s landscape!