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The process of kitchen remodeling is not easy and cannot be completed overnight. If you are looking into a kitchen remodel, you may believe a few common misconceptions among homeowners. It’s not that anyone has lied to you, but misinformation can easily get passed around, or what was true can slowly change as it passes from person to person.

Regardless of how you obtained the information, it is important you know the truth about kitchen remodeling. With that said, we have debunked four common kitchen remodeling myths. Debunking these myths will help you be more informed about your kitchen remodeling project and help you prepare.

Myth 1: Bigger Kitchens are Better

Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to kitchens. Your current kitchen may be cramped, cluttered, and have less storage space, but that doesn’t mean making it bigger will improve it. Plus, not all homes are capable of increasing the size of their kitchen. You may not have the structure available, the money, or the property.

When discussing kitchen remodeling with a designer, you should discuss how you can make your kitchen more spacious without it actually growing in size. Open floor plans are some of the best ways to make your kitchen feel like it has grown. You can also implement many features into your appliances, cabinets, and layout of your kitchen to give you more space.

Myth 2: DIY Kitchen Remodeling is Doable

DIY kitchen remodeling

Changing out a few cabinets, an appliance, or maybe flooring is certainly capable of most DIYers, but a complete kitchen remodel is a different beast. Sure, there are plenty of online resources to consult when tackling a DIY project. However, they can never prepare you enough—especially not as much as a kitchen remodeling contractor with years of experience.

Your kitchen remodeling project should be handled by a professional designer and contractor who have been trained and educated in large-scale projects. You can certainly try to complete your own kitchen remodeling, but you’ll run into many different challenges, and it will take even longer. We always recommend contacting a professional remodeling company.

Myth 3: You Can Plan as You Go

In order to have a better kitchen than what you had before, you must plan. Planning is an essential step in any type of remodeling project, no matter how big or small. DIYers may perform this type of remodeling process and eventually end up making a lot of mistakes. They may have neglected to install the right piping or skipped a step in installing new countertops.

These issues are prevalent when planning is neglected. For that reason, you must work on getting a plan together. Working with a contractor will help you on this front because they assist in the planning. They will ensure every step is taken and nothing is overlooked.

Myth 4: Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Start Right Away

Kitchen remodeling Estimate on Clipboard

You can expect your kitchen remodeling contractor to take weeks before they start work on your home. This is due to the estimates, planning, and permits they have to establish. Plus, you may look at several different contractors for different estimates and quotes. After all, you want the best option for your kitchen remodeling.

So, don’t expect your contractor to start as soon as you hire them. Instead, they will walk you through the process step-by-step, so you can have the best kitchen remodel possible.

Find the Right Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Many of the myths above can be dissolved when choosing to work with a kitchen remodeling contractor. Prime Remodeling has years of experience with kitchen remodels. We work directly with clients to understand their vision and make it a reality. Give our team a call today at (832) 304-9463. You should also visit our kitchen remodeling service page to learn more about what our team has to offer.