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You may be interested in how to make a small living room look bigger because the cost of remodeling is too great. Prime Remodeling understands your situation, and here is to help. Small living rooms are common, but they don’t have to feel small. You can make small adjustments to your living room by spending little to no money.

Follow the tips we have outlined below to know how to make a small living room look bigger. Some of these tactics can be used in other rooms, too, like your kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. After implementing the tips below, you’ll notice how much bigger your room looks and feels.


The first place to look to know how to make a small living room look bigger are the walls. When your walls are darkly colored, space feels smaller. Complex color palettes can cause the room to look cluttered, which also makes it look smaller. Instead of these options, you should choose light natural colors.

White is the best option, but it isn’t the only one. A pale lavender or muted sage green are options you can most certainly consider. As long as the color is bright and fresh, it will help you in making your living room feel and look bigger.


How to Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger With Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in making a room feel bigger. Natural light is the best method of letting the room feel bigger. Open the curtains or completely remove them to allow as much as possible inside. If you have a lack of windows in your living room, consider pulling a budget together to install some new windows. This would be much less expensive than a complete living room remodel, so it is something to consider.

For electric lighting, avoid using an overhead light since it cannot always fill the room with light. The corners may be cast in shadows which make the room feel smaller. Instead, use a mix of table lamps and floor lamps to fill your living room with the necessary life.


You likely have more vertical space than floor space so take advantage of it. When decorating your walls, install shelves further up the wall near the ceiling. You and your guests’ eyes will be drawn to the higher shelves causing the room to feel larger. As for additional decor, consider a large art piece or a strategically placed mirror. These wall items are perfect for making the room feel and look bigger.

When it comes to your furniture, pull it away from the wall. As soon as you see space between the couch and the wall, you’ll instantly feel the room is spacier than it really is. Even if the space is only a few inches, it can do wonders for the feeling of your living room.


How to Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger With Furniture

Finally, the type of furniture you have in your living room will have a major effect on how the room feels. Smaller spaces need appropriately sized furniture to make sure it doesn’t feel cluttered or even smaller. It’s okay to choose larger pieces, but there is a line you shouldn’t cross.

Another trick you can implement is the type of furniture you put in your living room. Couches and sofas that sit directly on the floor will make the room feel cluttered or have less space. Couches that fit off the ground like ones with wooden legs give the space an airy feeling. Consider buying some of these pieces of furniture to help you with your room’s space.

How to Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger

Now that you know how to make a small living room look bigger implement these tips and tricks in your own home. Pass them on to your friends and family to help spread spacey and airy living rooms. If you are able to afford a living room remodel, consider contacting Prime Remodeling for your next project. We can help you improve your home in more ways than one. Learn more about our residential remodeling services by calling our team today!